Thomas L. Reeves Elementary School

Mrs. Carol Paola
Welcome to Mrs. Carol Paola's Discovery webpage. Check out the 2015-2016  Discovery yearbooks on the Lesson Plan page!  
Discovery is a pull-out program of enrichment for 2nd-6th grade intellectually gifted students in the Long Beach School District. Students spend one full day per week in the Discovery Workshop and the rest of the week in their regular classrooms.  Mrs. Paola currently works with third grade Discovery students from Mrs. Collin's, Mrs. Tripp's, Mrs. Crozier's, and Mrs. Fitz's classes at T.L. Reeves Elementary.  Visitors are always welcome!
Discovery students work under specific Instructional Management Plan (IMP) objectives for process skill development as suggested by the Mississippi Department of Education. During the day spent in Discovery, students are involved in long and short term assignments which are enrichment and extension of regular classroom academic programs based on individual levels of ability, interests, and MDE suggested outcomes. Process skills developed in the gifted program include the following: OS-Organization Skills, C-Creativity, R-Research, IC-Interdisciplinary Connections, CT-Critical Thinking, LT-Logical Thinking, G-Group Dynamics, SDL-Self Directed Learning, ES-Evaluation Skills, Com-Communication Skills, LS-Life Skills, CE-Career Exploration, CPA-Creative and Performing Arts, SE-Social and Emotional Development, and SA-Social Awareness. Please see the "Year at a Glance" for an overview of this year's tentative plans and time frames.
If you have questions about the Long Beach Gifted programs, please contact Carol Paola, teacher of the gifted at T.L. Reeves Elementary School at 228-864-9764 or at
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