Thomas L. Reeves Elementary School

Welcome to Discovery!!!!!!
      I am looking forward to a year of exploring and discovering. My goal for this year with all of my students, which coincides with our Gifted Regulations, is to ensure that your child receives a qualitatively different educational experience from those available in the regular classroom in order to provide opportunities for them to realize their exceptional potential. Gifted education reinforces higher level thinking, creativity, self-motivation, independence, and confidence in our students. This year, all students in the gifted program will be participating in LEADERSHIP DISCOVERY project. Discovery students will research and present a famous leader and participate in many leadership activities.  The students will also identify a problem/issue at their school or in their city and develop an innovation or plan to solve the problem.  They will then present their community service project through a chosen product, which may involve a film, presentation, or community activity. 
     The Mississippi Department of Education specifies objectives to follow which are described in the Instructional Management Plan (IMP).  Throughout year, your child will be developing the following process skills or outcomes outlined by the MDE.  The following abbreviations will be used to specify the process skill or group of skills for each objective taught during the week:

OS-Organization Skills
R-Research Skills
IC-Interdisciplinary Connections
CT-Critical Thinking
LT-Logical Thinking
G-Group Dynamics
SDL-Self Directed Learning
ES-Evaluation Skills
COM-Communication Skills
SA-Social Awareness
CPA-Creative and Performing Arts
LS-Life Skills
AS-Affective Skills
IS-Interpersonal Skills

      Our program recognizes the intellectual, emotional, and social needs of gifted students; as well as their potential for creativity, higher-level thinking, independent learning, and leadership.
Last Modified on August 18, 2016