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  • Grade 4 (Parker) Terrorism

     Discovery Film Festival


    Students in grades 2-6 across the Long Beach School District Gifted Program, participated in a project designed by Deborah Holt, LBSD Gifted Coordinator called DESIGN (Discovery Students Embrace STEM, Innovation, and Generating New Thoughts). Students have extensively researched an issue or problem of choice. Students in grades 2-3 took on issues in their school or community, while students in grades 4-6 looked at national or global issues. 


    Students then took their research from primary and secondary sources and used the creative problem solving process to identify a problem, brainstorm solutions, set criteria and judge ideas, select the best solution, create steps in solving the problem, and evaluate the solution. Students offered proposed policy changes, inventions, or engineering feats to solve their problem. They explained their solution in a detailed essay, siting sources. If an invention or engineering feat was chosen for the solution, students created prototypes and detailed steps in an Invention or Engineering Design Process Journal. 


    Finally, students shared their insight into an issue through student-created documentaries. These films are listed below. Click on the link to view the documentary. 


    Grade 2 Cassibry Dare to Dont


    Holt Grade 4 Tuesday Team Trophy Hunting


     Grade 4 Holt Sport Surfaces


     Grade 4 (Parker) Animal Abuse


    Grade 2 (Cassibry) Walk of Wonder


    Holt Grade 4 Teacher Pay is On Delay


    Holt Grade 5 Black Market Organs


     Holt Grade 6 Trophy Hunting


    Holt Grade 6 "Gifted Grades 7 and 8"

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