Long Beach School District

Project Innovate was created and developed by Deborah L. Holt, LBSD Gifted Coordinator. The project was developed as a response to the need to give students the opportunity to develop creative thinking skills. 
Today there is a more urgent demand for addressing 21st century skills. In Long Beach School District, we are prepared in the gifted program to address this need and to offer a curriculum that will specifically develop creative thinking, inventive thinking, and innovative thinking skills, along with our emphasis on critical thinking. 
We are living in an era where knowledge and information are doubling exponentially.Information is doubling every 5.5 years, technical information is doubling every 2 years,and the amount of electronic information doubles every hour. (Partnership for 21st CenturySkills, 2007). Teaching students what to think just does not make sense in the world today.
Teaching students how to think is the best direction to prepare students for the real world.The skills of creativity and innovation, as well as critical thinking, problem solving, andcollaboration are necessary for success in the work place of the 21st century. A sign that this needed change is beginning to occur in our schools is the recognition of the word CREATE as the highest level in the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.
We are very excited to include creative thinking, along with critical thinking, as equalcomponents in the Long Beach School District Gifted Program.
Click on the link below for an invitation to our Project Innovate Expo. 
Last Modified on June 25, 2013