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Discovery students in grades 5-6 are given the opportunity to choose a workshop of interest. For 1-1.5 hours each Discovery day, students go to their chosen workshop with the teacher who facilitates.
 Below are the workshop choices for grades 5 and 6 2013-2014: 
Below are links of the workshop choice sheets for grades 5 and 6 2012-2013:
Below are scenes from our 2012-2013 grade 5 workshops: 
               Building a Fun Fair: Calculating Probability
Students utilized 21st Century skills of critical thinking and systems thinking, as well as interpersonal collaborative skills by analyzing the fairness of games using probability with board games, sports, playground games, and carnival challenges. Students looked at both experimental and theoretical probabilities in determining the fairness of games presented. Students also learned to organize their data and turn unfair games into fair ones by changing the rules or the number of points awarded for winning.  During the course of this study, we took a field study to Chuck E. Cheese to look at all the games and determine the probability and fairness of each game. 
 As a culminating event, students created their own fun fair games, finding experimental and theoretical probabilities for their games, and determining if their games were fair or unfair and justifying their reasoning using appropriate probability vocabulary. Students who came to the event donated a canned food item which was donated to the Long Beach Food Pantry. 
                                                                                             Mrs. Deborah Holt 
 CARE: Compassion, Appreciation, Respect and Empathy
The CARE workshop focused on the importance of compassion and giving through charity while raising awareness for those who are in need. Students became ambassadors and learned the importance of giving back to the community. The students researched the many ways of showing compassion and exploring what that means. They also explored oprtions that allow students to pursue a career while following their passion of servitude.
During the course of this workshop, students collected items for the Humane Society of South Mississippi. For a field study, the group visited the Humane Society to deliver the goods collected. The group also visited Boyington Nursing Home and spent time playing games and talking with the elderly residents. This workshop culminated in slide show presentations by students for the other Discovery students informing them of people who have contributed much to society in their  lifetime of service to others. 
                                                                                                 Mrs. Karen Leitenberger 
                                                       Civil War
The Civil War workshop was designed to teach students about this critical period in American history by inviting them to relive some of the events that occurred. Students re-created some of the experiences of the people who were living in a nation at war with itself. By taking the perspective of a historical character living through the war, students were able to see that history is so much more than just names, dates, and places, but rather the real experiences of people like themselves. During the course of the workshop, the group went on a field study to Beauvoir and visited the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library.
In the Civil War workshop, students worked together in groups and utilized problem solving skills to deal with challenges they faced as soldiers fighting in the Civil War. Students kept a journal of their experiences throughout the simulation. At the conclusion, students wrote a final journal entry describing what they experienced and learned through this study of the Civil War.  
                                                                                                Mrs. Dana Wedgeworth
                                 CSI Discovery 
Students learned general information about criminal investigations such as police procedures at a crime scene, evidence collection, the Locard Principle, the scientific method, and forensic science careers. Students utilized skills learned such as the scientific method, sicentific research, critical thinking, making observations, analyzing facts, and drawing conclusions in isolation through  the use of forensic science . Students practiced these skills through a series of challenges using various types of evidence collection that simulate real-life events. 
During the course of this workshop, students visited the Long Beach Police Department to learn about forensic procedures used to find criminals.  
                                                                                                 Mrs. Carly Parker

 Below are scenes from our 2012-2013 Grade 6 workshops: 
Building A Miniature Golf Course: S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) 
 Students utilized many 21st Century skills such as critical thinking and systems thinking; problem identification, formulation and solution; and interpersonal and collaborative skills to build a working miniature golf course. Throughout the construction of a golf hole depicting one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, students discovered the patterns, principles, and formulae they needed through hands-on trials of tentative construction. Students were guided and mentored to improve their design until they had durable products that met the requirements. Students went through the same problem solving process that engineers do! The project culminated in a fundraising event where other students visited the miniature golf course and were given 10 tickets to attend in exchange for their payment of one canned food item for the local Long Beach Food Pantry. 
During the course of this workshop, students visited a local miniature golf course and took measuring tape, journals, and cameras to document various details about individual golf holes.
                                                                                               Mrs. Deborah Holt

                                                                  Code Blue
For students who are interested in a possible future career in the medical profession, the Code Blue workshop afforded them many opportunities in this field. Code Blue is an insight into the arena of medicine. This workshop was a medical simulation where students learned about the major body systems and their functions. Students chose a specialty area in the medical field and researched the careers and major health issues that occur in that field and presented it to their peers, as well as creating a model of one of the major organs within their chosen body system. They also learned about public health issues and how these effect the body, focusing on preventions and cures. Students collaboratively came up with solutions to medical problems. 
During the course of this study, Mr. Sims, our principal, came in and directed students in dissecting a pig. He shared his expertise since he was a biology teacher for many years. Students also took a field study to Memorial Hospital. As a culminating activity, Code Blue medical specialists (workshop students) presented slide show presentations to their peers on what they learned. 
                                                                                                Mrs. Karen Leitenberger 

                                Discovery Playhouse
The Discovery Playhouse workshop was designed to teach students  about the different aspects of acting, from being on stage to the behind the scenes action. Students collaboratively wrote a play, utilizing creative writing skills. Students initially developed creative drama skills and confidence through group games, mirroring, lip syncing to their favorite song, and more. Students took a field study to Long Beach High School to visit the drama students there and to receive mentorship from the drama teacher and drama students. The workshop culminated in students performing one-act plays for other Discovery students. 
                                                                                                    Mrs. Dana Wedgeworth
                                          Order in the Court
Students in this workshop established a basic understanding of courtroom procedures and had the opportunity to participate in a Mock Trial. Students not only learned the concepts, but also learned valuable teamwork, time management skills, and skills required in preparation for a Mock Trial. During the course of this study, students took a field study to the Harrison County Courthouse to watch real court cases. The workshop concluded with a Mock Trial of the Big Bad Wolf and the entire 6th grade Discovery team were invited to watch and judge the trial.  
                                                                                                  Mrs. Carly Parker
Excerpts from the Mock Trial: 
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